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Migratory German bird dies in Nyamira

A migratory bird of German origin that is believed to have covered more than 6000 miles has died in Irianyi-Omogonchoro village in Nyamira County, in Western Kenya region.

The custodian of the bird, Kefa Obaga, said he picked the bird on 7th April 2022 at around 9:00pm from a garden near his home when it fell while he was heading home. He said the bird hit an electricity main grid wires and injured one of its wings incapacitating its further flight.

Obaga narrated that, at first he thought they were Kenya Power and lighting company officials working on power lines only to realize it was a bird with label tags on its leg lying helplessly.

The tags stuck on both legs of the tall white bird with black spots on its shoulders prompted Obaga to rescue it until the ‘owner’ showed up.

“I was headed home that night and a few meters to my house, I heard a striking sound of sparks from the electricity main grid. At first I thought it was a power technician working on the power line. After some seconds, I heard a thudding sound on the ground and curiosity made me move closer to the scene and was surprised to find a bird which I had never seen before tagged on one of its legs. I picked it and kept it at my home for a week until it died yesterday night,” he said.

Obaga said he is still keeping the remains of the tourist bird and is appealing to the Kenya Wildlife Services or any other relevant authorities to contact him and pick the bird for preservation at the Museums.

The bird, whose identification tag code read, X6N33 is believed to be of German origin found in Hiddensee Island in the Baltic sea located West of German’s largest Island, Rugen.

Apparently the bird flew for 6,235 kilometers from its country of origin, Germany to Kenya.

By Deborah Bochere

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