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‘Mimi Mkenya’ initiative launched to promote peace and cohesion

Kenyans have been urged to support and participate in the ‘Mimi Mkenya’ initiative to promote peace and national cohesion.

The initiative that was launched on Wednesday with the aim of encouraging Kenyans to come together and pay heed to the national values and principles of personal conduct, is a move that will help people to embrace each other regardless of tribe and colour.

Speaking at the launch, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary, Nadia Abdalla, said through the initiative, Kenyans have an opportunity to come together to reflect on what they have done with the hard earned freedom, to be patriotic, embrace selflessness, as well as renew their commitment to build a peaceful and prosperous nation by improving what they inherited after independence.

She said the initiative resonates with the pillar of values and national cohesion under the ‘Kenya Ni Mimi’ campaign with the mantra ‘My Country, My Nation’, and noted that the national values were crucial as they help Kenyans to appreciate who they are as a country and to embrace each other as citizens.

The CAS said the achievements of Kenyan citizens in various disciplines who have kept the nations’ flag flying high, among them sportsmen and women, entrepreneurs and business leaders, is a reminder that the country can achieve a lot if people remained true to national values.

She said when the country is united it will have a tremendous potential for growth and development, noting that the ‘Mimi Mkenya’ initiative shared aim is to end ethnic tension and rivalry.

“I dream of a Kenya where we will not only be proud of our diverse heritage and cultures, but also where we will unite around our common aspiration as Kenyans,” said Nadia.

The CAS stressed that without unity, the country will neither progress nor stand and urged all Kenyans to embrace the ideals of patriotism and selflessness during this electioneering period, and to peacefully elect credible and competent leaders.

“I call on all leaders, aspirants and supporters, to conduct issue based campaigns and also be ambassadors’ of peace, to preach and uphold peace,” urged Nadia.

She at the same time commended the youth for showing strong interest in participating in the forthcoming general elections as both voters and aspirants.

Nadia said their interest in elective seats is an indication that young people desire to be leaders in decision making rooms and to contribute to the future development and prosperity of the nation.

By Bernadette Khaduli

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