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Mini depots for subsidized fertilizer unveiled in Gusii land

The Principal Secretary (PS) for the state Department for Crops Development, Mr. Kello Harsama has unveiled Mini National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) depots in various sub-counties in Gusii land to distribute subsidized fertilizer to farmers.

The PS while launching the subsidized fertilizer at Nyamira North Sub County, stated that the crops department made the decision of starting mini depots after farmers complained of the high transportation cost incurred when procuring their fertilizer from the one NCPB depots located in Nyansingo and Kisii town for Nyamira and Kisii Counties respectively.

“Many farmers in Gusii land were unable to access governments’ subsidized fertilizer because of the high transportation cost and besides the fertilizer was brought late when the majority of farmers had already planted their maize crops the reason why my department in consultation with your constituency leaders decided to launch mini supplying depots in Gusii land for easy access of this fertilizer.” PS Harsama explained.

“The president has decided to reduce the cost of crop production for the common people so that it will eventually reduce the cost of flour and other food products courtesy of subsiding fertilizer so that the complaints about the high cost of basic food like flour will be reduced. Further, your leaders are in consultation with various stakeholders to see to it that the cost of seeds is also reduced so that even the most vulnerable person in our communities is able to plant maize in their farms.” The PS hinted.

He confirmed that he will be sending officers from the main NCBP depots to launch branches in their sub-counties to assist in issuing subsidized fertilizer early enough before the second phase of the planting season sets in so that farmers can benefit from the subsidy.

North Mugirango MP who had accompanied the PS said that the decision to open up new mini NCPB depots was very much welcome because most farmers were discouraged from using subsidized fertilizer due to unaffordable transportation costs and the challenge of delivering the fertilizer late when the majority of the farmers had already planted.

“Government’s decision to grant our request of opening new NCBP deports close to the people is very much welcome and will enable everyone to plant in the coming season after harvesting the current crop. This program is meant to reduce the cost of maize production, especially for small-scale subsistence farmers so that they are food secure at the same time reduce the maize cooking flour price for those who do not have their own farms to plant and rely solely on buying maize or flour to have their day’s meal.

The PS launched other deports in Kitutu Chache and South Mugirango constituencies in Kisii County.

By Deborah Bochere

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