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Ministry of Education takes safety of learners seriously when designing test items

The  Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education (PS), Dr. Belio Kipsang has clarified that the chemicals that were used during the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination during the chemistry practical are the same ones students have been using during chemistry practicals in regular lessons.

Dr. Kipsang  said the teachers who teach chemistry and other basic sciences are adequately trained to take care of the safety of students during teaching and when doing practical examinations involving chemicals approved for use in schools.

The  PS  who spoke in Westlands Sub County Headquarters on Tuesday where he supervised the opening and distribution of Examination scripts for Kiswahili and Religious Education subjects, said the government had not received any formal complaint from teachers or school heads regarding the Chemicals.

He said the Ministry of Education and Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) takes care of the safety of the learners while designing test items in national examinations, adding that his ministry also takes into account the safety of learners in all learning programmes.

“The same concerns guide KNEC and the Ministry when designing practical assignments in all subjects taught in schools like biology, agriculture, art and design, chemistry and other subjects,” the PS noted.

The  PS  said during the chemistry practical last week he visited several schools while students were sitting for chemistry practical paper and did not receive any complaint regarding the chemical used for chemistry practicals.

The  Chairman of the Principals of the Association of National Schools, Casper  Maina said his members had not seen or heard anything unusual about the practical paper in chemistry students that was done last week.

“Our  teachers and laboratory assistants are trained on how to handle practical subjects,” Maina said.

By  Bernadette  Khaduli

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