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Ministry of Water to revive water dams

The  Ministry of Water and Sanitation is keen to complete water projects that were initiated by previous regimes with the aim of increasing water supply from the current 60 percent to 80 percent across the country.

Speaking  during a tour of Lelongo dam in Narok East on Tuesday, Cabinet Secretary for Water and Sanitation (CS), Simon Chelugui said the National government would complete dams that were left incomplete by previous governments in order to enable Kenyans get clean water.

Chelgui noted that Lelongo dam is meant to serve the growing Suswa Town and its environs adding that is it a sad that the Sh.70 Million dam stalled many years back.

The CS said the ministry will pump Sh.1 billion to revive the dam to secure and store water for supply in Narok East.

Chelgui  further noted that Narok County will further benefit from the ongoing construction of a sewerage plant that will help improve sanitation in Narok Town by helping to reduce open defecation. The CS said the ministry is advocating for open defecation-free counties that would start with Cities.

The  Narok county governor, Samuel Ole Tunai  who  was present noted that the Lelongo project was actually started way back by the late Member of Parliament, Justus Ole Tipis before it stalled, noting  that residents of Narok East should be given first priority to benefit from the water supply before more connections are done to Suswa Town.

The  Narok East Member of Parliament, Ken Kiloku urged the CS for water and Sanitation to look into the design and connectivity of water from the completed projects pointing out that it has been a challenge to get water flowing to Suswa.

Kenya is classified as a water scarce country with 20.5million of its people being unable to access clean drinking water. A further 35million are not able to access proper or improved sanitation.

By  Mabel Keya –Shikuku

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