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Miraa farmers asked to remain calm over locust scare

Miraa farmers in Igembe region have been urged to remain calm as the government works to control the desert locusts that have invaded grazing land in some parts of the area.

“The farmers should not worry because we have the aerial spraying by use of helicopters. There is one from Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), the county government and Kisima farm,” said the Crops Development Officer, Rutere Muchiri.

Muchiri added that they have been surveying around Meru to ensure that the locust won’t spread to the areas that have not yet been affected and urged the community to inform them of any suspected locust around so as to take action.

Meanwhile, the Meru Council of Elders ‘Njuri Ncheke’ chairman, Paul M’Ethinkia has attributed the invasion of locusts in the region to moral decay urging residents to go back to their old ways of living.

There are different types of locusts such as migratory, rocky mountain with the most harmful being the desert locust.

The locust invasion has terribly scared the miraa farmers in the area since they rely on the crop that is literally their major source of livelihood.

The proceeds from the crop helps the farmers from the region in taking care of their families in terms of paying school fees and domestic needs.

Miraa is also used for paying dowry and starting more investments to ensure a comfortable living.

By Cynthia Kaberia and Kamanja Maeria


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