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Mobile ID registration kicks off in Gucha

Gucha Sub County has kicked off mobile registration program to run for the next four weeks that will see persons aged 18 years and above acquire the National Identity Cards (IDs).

The Sub County Deputy County Commissioner, Emmanuel Mwachiro addressing the area chiefs, underscored the need for the eligible youths to get the vital document noting that it will help them get easy access to government services.

While urging the chiefs to register as many people as possible in their areas of jurisdiction, Mwachiro reminded area residents that acquisition of ID was mandatory in order for them to register as voters and participate in the forthcoming general elections.

“The citizens have the solemn duty of participating in national elections. However, they can only register as voters upon production of the national identification document. It is therefore your mandate as the local administrators to mobilize your people to register,” reiterated the sub county commissioner.

He regretted that many young people in the area do not have IDs which effectively blocks them from accessing government funds and other services.

“Such young people cannot even bid for government tenders that are aimed at benefiting them. They are also locked out of entrepreneurship because they are unable to apply for business permits,” noted Mwachiro.

Meanwhile, during the two-week registration exercise, area chiefs and their assistants will spearhead the process in various identified field stations close to the people in a concerted effort by the government to reach everyone.

The sub county is expecting to register about 4,500 persons at the close of the exercise with a target of 150 persons per day.

By Misheba Alfred


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