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More than 200, 000 people in need of relief food

More than 200, 000 people in Turkana County are in dire need of relief food according to the national drought management authority report for the month of November.

“Population in urgent need of food aid has increased from 175, 050 in August to 229, 249 currently,” the report indicates.

Most parts of the county did not experience any rainfall during the period under review.

However, select zones in Turkana south, east and west received highly depressed rainfall with a distribution in time of 1-2 days.

Turkana central and Loima Sub-counties did not receive any rainfall during the month of November.

The county is in alert phase with Pastoral and Fisheries livelihood zones being the most affected.

Turkana west, Kibish and north remain key priority Sub counties that require urgent interventions.

Loima and Turkana central exhibited a negative trend in November and therefore require close monitoring and advance planning of interventions for the two.

“The state of water is declining and inadequate in some areas due to receipt of below normal rainfall during the short rains season,” the report adds.

The cumulative rainfall for the 6-month period ranging from June to November 2018 represents five percent of the rainfall experienced normally for the cycle.
By Peter Gitonga

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