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Mother appeals for help to clear son’s hospital bill

A single mother of seven is appealing to well-wishers to help her offset a Sh 1.2 Million hospital bill, which her son has accrued after undergoing brain tumor surgery.

Mary Siamoi from Ilbissil, Kajiado County, claims that her 24 year old son Shadrack Soine, has been sickly since he was in class six, but his health worsen in the year 2018.

According to the mother, Soine started having severe and frequent headaches, weak hands, hearing loss on one ear and poor eyesight and had to rely on painkillers to ease the pain as she did not have any money to take him to hospital.

After his health deteriorated, the mother sold one of her goats and took him to a nearby hospital which referred them to Kenyatta National Hospital in June 2021.

At Kenyatta Hospital, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan was done, which revealed that Soine had a brain tumor on his left side and required immediate treatment.

Due to lack of funds, Soine returned back home without treatment until Dr. Omar Ahmed of Ladnad Hospital, Nairobi, agreed to perform the surgery on him on condition that the bill will be cleared before he is discharged.

The surgery went on well though he lost sight on his left eye and the left side of his body became paralyzed too. He had to feed through feeding tubes as he is unable to feed himself.

In a letter signed by Dr. Omar Ahmed of Ladnan Hospital, Soine was admitted at the hospital on 3rd July 2021 after undergoing a complex brain tumor surgery and has accumulated Sh 1.2 million bill due to his long stay in the Intensive Care Unit.

The mother who is diabetic and unemployed is appealing to any well-wisher to help her discharge  her son through MPESA Paybill 247247 account 7770177445912 through the  till number 768999.

The area Chief, Caroline Ncharo, also requested well-wishers to help the single mother offset the bill as her situation is dire, noting that  she depends on her daughters who do manual jobs, to put food on the table.

Ncharo narrates that the mother is living in abject poverty and does not even have money for transport to the Hospital to see her son.

“Soine is a bright boy and is in his second year of studies at Matongo Teachers Training College, thanks to the Wings to Fly Program by Equity, which is paying his school fees. I am appealing to any well-wisher to get him back on his feet to achieve his dream of being a teacher,” prayed Ncharo.

By Diana Meneto

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