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MP calls on Kenyans to be vigilant on sellers of drugs and illicit brews

Nominated MP Dorothy Muthoni has called on Kenyans and the residents of Meru County in particular to be vigilant about people who are selling drugs to young people.

Addressing journalists in Meru town, Ms. Muthoni said that such people meant no good to the young people and their only interest was money irrespective of the harm the drugs will have to the consumers.

“We should be on the lookout and report such people to the authorities since what they are doing is tantamount to wiping away a whole generation. Young people hold the future and we would not wish to lose them to drugs,” said Ms Muthoni.

She added that the fact that the sellers of the drugs and especially the illicit brews were in business does not justify destroying people’s lives and that they should devise better ways of looking for money especially those that will not affect people negatively.

She promised to be on the frontline in the fight against drug abuse to safeguard young people’s lives for a better future.

“I am ready to work and support other leaders and especially the chiefs and their assistants in this war so that we can eliminate the selling of illicit brew and other drugs from our County and Kenya in general,” said Ms Muthoni.

On the other hand, the MP urged parents to consider having guidance sessions with their young girls to keep them off from engaging in habits that endanger their lives.

She singled out dating saying that many young girls were looking for relationships from users of social media platforms oblivious of their backgrounds which leads to tragic moments.

“Our duty as parents is to take care of our children which includes advising them on various issues with relationships being one of them. We may not have a generation if we don’t speak out on these issues that affect our young boys and girls,” said Ms Muthoni.

By Dickson Mwiti

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