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US-based Medtronic’s International Laboratories visits Nakuru

A Medtronic Laboratory team from the United States is currently in Nakuru County to document the success of various health programs being implemented at the community level.

County Director for Medical Services, Dr. Daniel Wainaina received the team today at the Bondeni Level Four Hospital. He said Nakuru County has been implementing impactful interventions to combat Non-Communicable Diseases, particularly focusing on Diabetes management in partnership with Medtronics LABS.

The Medtronic LABS is one of the leading health systems innovations that develop community-based, tech-enabled solutions for vulnerable patients, families, and communities across the world. By bridging hyper-local services with cutting-edge technology.

They equip underserved patients who are diagnosed with non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes with a mobile phone, a weighing scale, a blood pressure monitor, and a blood glucometer.

Patients are assigned a community health career volunteer who visits them twice a month and takes the progress report to a designated healthcare clinic or hospital where they are enrolled and can access drugs.

Dr. Wainaina said the empowerment health programs started in Kenya in 2018 with one hospital, that has grown into a comprehensive model, offering patient screening, diagnosis, disease management, education, tele-counseling, and peer support groups.

The director noted that the team from Medtronic LAB has taken notice of the county’s well-coordinated approach to tackling non-communicable health challenges and they were on a fact-finding tour as they plan to expand their outreach.

By Veronica Bosibori

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