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MP launches water projects in schools

Kasipul Constituency MP Charles Ongondo Were launched two water projects in North Kamagak Location Primary Schools.

The two projects were funded by the Kasipul National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG- CDF) at the cost of Sh3.5 million each for the Financial Year 2023/2024.

Speaking during the launch of the projects at both Simbiri and Otula Primary Schools, the MP expressed his happiness in seeing these projects through saying that water shortage has been a great problem in the region affecting many schools in the constituency.

“Today I’m happy considering the fact that my people will now get clean water through the boreholes for their daily use. This means life for our community and learners will concentrate in their studies,” he said.

The MP promised to always strive in delivering his mandate by serving the needs of his constituents.

He said there are more water projects to be launched in other schools in the Constituency.

“This is a big step in our community. There will be no more illness caused by drinking dirty water from river Awach. Our responsibility now as a community is to ensure we maintain this water,” North Kamagak Location Chief Benson Midigo said.

The Chief however requested the MP to provide a solar panel to help in continuous water pumping even when there is a power shortage.

Otula Primary School Headteacher Mr James Oyaya expressed his appreciation to the MP for ensuring the completion of the project at his school.

“Apart from the school, the whole community has had hard times getting clean water for domestic use but that has come to an end today,” he said.

By Linda Were and Noela Adongo

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