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MP, MCA differ on location to establish TTC

The  Kiharu  Member of Parliament,  Ndindi Nyoro has been accused of shortchanging people of Wangu ward on the location to establish a new Technical Training College (TTC).

The  Wangu MCA, Kamote Waciama accompanied by a section of residents on Monday held a demonstration accusing the MP of taking away the TTC and establishing it at Gaturi ward.

Kamote said the college was earmarked for Mukangu area, a land currently occupied by a local youth polytechnic.

He said establishing the TTC at Gaturi will go against the agreed arrangement to put up the college on a 6-acre piece of land belonging to Mukangu Youth Polytechnic.

“For Kiharu legislators agreed to establish the TTC at Mukangu but our current MP has gone against their wish and he is now building the college at Gaturi less than 10 kilometres from Mathioya TTC,” claimed Kamote.

He threatened to move to court and block construction of the TTC at Kiambugu area adding that the land being used in the new location belongs to a local secondary school.

But in a rejoinder, Nyoro dismissed the MCA’s sentiments terming them pure politics and a move aimed to frustrate development projects.

The legislator  who oversaw ground breaking of Kiharu TTC at Kiambugi area of Gaturi ward said the government will still put up another college at Wangu ward under the name of Kenneth Matiba TTC.

He said the constituency is earmarked to have two technical institutes, one at Gaturi and another in Wangu ward.

Nyoro observed that the land where the TTC was to be built at Wangu ward was found to be unsuitable since it will take over the existing vocational training centre.

“Putting up a TTC at Mukangu will mean the end of existing youth polytechnic and that’s not the agenda of the government. What currently is being done is looking for another land to establish the college, a move which the MCA is against,” noted Nyoro

He continued, “Kiharu TTC is being funded in the current financial year but that of Kenneth Matiba TTC was funded in the last financial year but the money is still in the account as stakeholders are trying to get land for the college.”

The MP accused the MCA, saying he is being used by people who are against him to frustrate any development project he initiates.

“What I can assure people of Kiharu is that the government will put up two technical colleges in this constituency and even in future build a medical training college as there is land for that,” he stated.

He requested leaders to avoid engaging in dirty politics which can derail development in the area saying local NG-CDF is committed to fund establishment of new day secondary schools before end of current financial year.

The  differences between local leaders are assumed to be occasioned by existence of two factions; Kieleweke and tanga tanga within the jubilee party.

Nyoro claims he is being targeted because he is in tanga tanga group by the individuals who are out to frustrate Deputy President, William Ruto’s journey to capture presidency in 2022.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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