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Multi- agency approach to avert casualties of flash f loods

The government is using multi-agency approach to avert casualties that could be caused by the ongoing heavy rains in Narok County.

Narok County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti said the security team is working closely with the chiefs, county government, Red Cross and all departmental heads to help in averting possible disaster.

“We are working as one to ensure no property is destroyed or person killed by the flash floods following the heavy down pour that is being experienced in the county,” said Kimiti.

Kimiti asked parents to be on high alert to protect their children asking them to accompany as they go to school to ensure their safety.

He was addressing the press yesterday at Narok Stadium after his first meeting with all chiefs and their assistants from the county.

“God has blessed us with a lot of rains. But sometime the blessings could bring negative effect if we are not careful. We should be vigilant to ensure the rains remain a blessing and not a curse to our people,” said Kimiti.

He lauded residents of Narosura area led by their local chief of saving ten sheep traders who were marooned by flash floods when on their way from the Narosura market.

“The chief called my office informing me of the traders who had spent the whole night along the road as it had been cut off by the water, I coordinated with the county government and red cross who rescued them using a chopper,” said the CC.

Kimiti said they will form a disaster protocol committee that will assess the extent of damage caused by the floods and compile a report that will help the affected receive relief food from the government.

Several rivers among them river Talek, river Mara and river Ewaso Nyiro have burst their banks leading to flash floods that have rendered many people homeless.

Camps in the world famous Maasai Mara game reserve have not been spared too has visitors from over ten camps were ferried to camps on higher ground after the camps they were housed were submerged in water.

By Ann Salaton

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