Murang’a Clergy  Want Political Rallies Stopped

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A section of religious leaders drawn from various evangelical churches in Murang’a want leaders to stop political rallies and heightened campaigns witnessed in the recent past.

Speaking on Thursday in Murang’a town, the evangelical bishops urged those engaged in early campaigns to direct their energies in fighting the coronavirus and serving Kenyans in various development platforms.

They said Kenyans have been mesmerized by huge political rallies spearheaded by a section of leaders in different parts of the country noting that the move may trigger more cases of Covid-19 infections at a time the country is reporting reduced new infections.

Led by Bishop Stephen Maina of Full Time Winners Gospel, the clergy said in recent rallies witnessed in different parts of the country, there was no social distance and those who participated did not wear masks.

“In our churches we are strictly observing laid down health protocols to contain the spread of coronavirus but we wonder why some leaders are out to organize political rallies where social distance among other guidelines are not observed,” observed Maina.

The leaders also called for political tolerance especially between the office of the President and that of his deputy saying recent utterances by some leaders allied to deputy president William Ruto may plunge the country into turmoil if not checked.

“All leaders need to embrace peace and ensure tranquility to give a chance for implementation of development projects. The government cannot achieve a lot if the political temperatures are high and there is no respect to the President,” added Bishop Maina.

He further noted that leaders should embark to work for the people and not to engage in divisive politics which may derail achievement of development goals.

The members of the clergy also added their voice on the debate touching dissolution of Parliament as advised by Chief Justice David Maraga saying dissolving parliament will not solve many challenges the country is experiencing.

Bishop John Kiragu of Deeper Truth Worship Centre, on his part observed that Covid-19 pandemic stopped many activities and the implementation of gender rule should also remain suspended till the country recovers from impacts of coronavirus.

Meanwhile the clergy argued that political bickering may hinder the war against corruption which is being championed by the President.

They said the war on corruption should be heightened and not compromised as Kenyans want those who have embezzled public resources to be forced to return the loot and face the full force of the law.

“As church leaders we support the fight against corruption, a disease which has affected the country’s economy. We pray all cases touching missing public resources to be expedited and the truth be known,” added Kiragu.


By Bernard Munyao

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