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Murang’a County unveils 2023/2024 budget estimates

The first budget to be prepared under the new administration of Murang’a County unveiled a Sh.10. 7 billion budget for the 2023/2024 financial year.

The chairperson for Budget and Appropriation Committee, Charles Machigo while tabling the budget estimates before the floor of the House, said that the budget was anchored under 5 strategic priorities noting that if implemented correctly, will change the per capita level of Murang’a residents notwithstanding improving of living standards and county competitiveness.

The 5 strategies are Achievement of Universal Health care, Provision of Quality Education and Training, Agricultural transformation, infrastructural development, and improvement of the business environment.

Machigo said that Universal Health Care in the county will be achieved through the enhancement of the NHIF support and maternal-infant support programs.

“The county government completed the first phase of the Universal Health Coverage by supporting about 20,000 beneficiaries,” said Machigo adding that the health department got the lion’s share in the total budget by scooping Sh. 3.6 billion which translates to 35.7 percent of the county revenue.

He divulged that the county government has allocated the Education Department Sh. 820 million of which Sh. 130 million has been allocated to Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) to renovate and rehabilitate ECDE centers to improve the quality of education.

The chairperson said that the scholarship programme has been allocated Sh. 245 million to benefit needy students.

“Every child will be supported to attain a minimum level of education,” said Machigo, adding that the scholarship programme will support quality education and training in the county.

Additionally, he said, the county Technical Training Institutes will be transformed by hiring competent trainers who will create change among the youth.


“Youth, polytechnic and vocational training has been allocated Sh. 5 million and Mentorship and training Sh.10 million respectively,” he said.

Agricultural transformation in the county will be attained through implementation of the agricultural input subsidy program that was introduced that aims at supporting small-scale dairy and mango farmers.

“Sh. 250 million will go towards providing agricultural subsidies for mango and dairy farmers,” he said adding that this will enable farmers to be able to purchase inputs thus increasing productivity and growth in the sector.

The key initiatives under infrastructure development include Community-based programs and the smart city development program which have been earmarked to transform the county development agenda.

“Sh.170 million has been allocated to fund markets and urban development programs dubbed ‘smart cities’.” He said adding that allocation for community-based projects should increase from 13 million per ward to Sh. 18 million.

Machigo said that the county government will prioritize business environment growth by providing counter funding to the special economic zones that will attract Sh. 250 million from the National Government for the development of trade and industry in the county.

“Small scale trade has been promoted through an allocation of Sh. 20 million in the budget where traders will get support to revive and grow their enterprises” he said.

The chairperson observed that the assembly managed to conduct a public participation in compliance with the legal provision where during the exercise, the members of the public and relevant stakeholders gave their views on the budget estimates

He called for prudent use of the funds saying that the assembly would continue carrying out its oversight role as expected.

“The county government should ensure prudence use of resources and creativity in resource mobilization to create enough fiscal space for development programs” he divulged.

The County Assembly has unanimously approved the budget for 2023/2024 financial year proposed by the County Executive.

By Anita Omwenga

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