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Murang’a dairy farmers to enjoy better prices

Dairy farmers in Murang’a who supply their milk to the county cooperative creameries are set to get better prices by the end of this month.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria has announced that the farmers allied to the county creameries would be paid Sh40 per litre of milk delivered.

Speaking on Wednesday after meeting leaders of the cooperative societies, the governor noted that the new price would be directly paid to farmers warning all local cooperatives not to deduct money meant for the farmers.

The county cooperative creameries has been paying Sh35 per litre of milk, something which made some farmers start delivering their milk to better paying companies.

Private companies which source milk from Murang’a had increased their price to more than Sh40 thus attracting a section of farmers.

Wa Iria stressed that the county government would come in and reduce cost of production so as to ensure farmers are not charged any administration fee.

“From end of this month, the price of milk will be no less than Sh40 per litre. The money will be paid directly to farmers and if any cooperative will pay less, the management will be replaced, said Wa Iria.

He further cautioned leaders of the cooperatives of paying farmers later than date 5 of every month. The county creameries is made up of 35 cooperative societies drawn from various parts of the county.

The county government back in 2015 procured 50 milk coolers and formed cooperative societies with the aim of boosting earnings for dairy farmers.

The governor and the county government will procure 15 more milk coolers to be distributed to areas which don’t have the facilities.

“Farmers have requested for coolers and we will purchase them. We will also procure generators to support operations of the coolers when there is power blackout,” he added.

The governor further stated that Artificial Insemination (AI) will be moved from the department of agriculture to that of cooperatives.

The AI services, he added, will be offered at Sh300 from Sh500 so as to ensure all farmers get access to the services.

Meanwhile, Wa Iria warned a section of political leaders who were eying various seats to stop politicizing the dairy sector.

“The dairy sector supports many residents of Murang’a and if you are eying a particular seat stop cheating farmers that they are being exploited by the county cooperative creameries,” stated Wa Iria.

He added that they would formulate an Act that would protect the sector from being mismanaged by those who will be elected to lead the county.

By Bernard Munyao

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