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Murang’a men who consumed sanitizer put under rehabilitation

The Ahadi Kenya Trust Director, Dr. Stanely Kamau donating chicks to an addicted resident of Murang’a County on Saturday May 16, 2020 in efforts to support him engage in gainful economic activity. Photo by Bernard Munyao/KNA.

Murang’a men, recently captured consuming sanitizers to quench their alcoholic thirst, have been placed under rehabilitation to help them heal from their addiction.

The five men from Mathioya Sub County will be treated and taken through rehabilitation process in a programme sponsored by Ahadi Kenya Trust Organization.

A week ago, the addicts came out and admitted to using the government’s provided sanitizers meant to combat Covid -19 to quencher their thirst for beer after the government closed bars countrywide to mitigate against the pandemic.

One of the addicts, Daniel Magu said on Saturday he was arrested after for consuming sanitizer explaining that he used to mix the substance with water and use it as alcohol.

Despite being aware of the health dangers posed by the move, Magu said he had no other option but to use the chemical to make him alert.

“I have been taking alcohol for more than 20 years and after closure of bars due to coronavirus pandemic, I opted to use the sanitizer provided freely by the government to quench my thirst,” he added.

The  Director of Ahadi Kenya Trust, Dr. Stanley Kamau said it was heart breaking to see people imbibing sanitizer, while putting their lives in danger.

Kamau said alcoholism is a disease and should be given due attention, as the addicted needed help from the relevant authorities, instead of merely arresting them.

The Director said the five will undergo a rehabilitation process so as to recover from alcoholism and become productive members of the society.

The addicts were first screened to establish if the sanitizer had affected their internal body organs.

At the same time, Kamau said members of the public should be sensitized on various usage of sanitizer products and the dangers of consuming them.

He observed the people and organizations distributing free sanitizers and face masks should also consider providing the less privileged with food to cushion them from the adverse impact of Covid-19.

“The people being given the masks and sanitizers have nothing to eat, so let those giving out the protective gear to control spread of coronavirus also provide food to the less fortunate families,” he added.

During the occasion, Ahadi Kenya Trust also provided chicks, avocado seedlings, assorted foodstuffs among other items to the five men.

The chicks and avocado seedlings, Kamau observed, would help the addicts embark on some economic activities to help them in future.

“After they fully get treated, the five men will enlighten other young men from the area on the dangers of excess consumption of alcohol,” remarked the anti- jigger crusader.

Meanwhile, Kamau asked the Ministry of Interior to retain people with good moral values, saying it was a shame to see administrators who work under influence of alcohol.

“It is hard for an addicted administrator to fight the vice of alcoholism so let the government also rehabilitate its own officials found entangled in the snare”, added the Director.

By  Bernard Munyao

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