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Murang’a poor families get funding to start enterprises

More than 1, 000 poor households in Murang’a County have received funding to invest in small income generating enterprises.


In May this year, the Government commenced disbursement of funds under a programme dubbed, Kenya Social Economic Inclusion to help families in extreme poverty start a source of livelihoods.


In the programme rolled out in the two sub counties of Murang’a East and Murang’a south, each of the selected families was to receive Sh30, 000 for the projects.


Murang’a County Director of Social Services Esther Maina says that the money being offered by the national government in partnership with the World Bank, under asset cash transfer programme aims at freeing beneficiaries from extreme poverty.


Some 1, 500 households have been selected to benefit in the programme, which is also being rolled out in other five counties.


“So far 1, 148 families are receiving the payments. 424 from Murang’a south and 724 from Murang’a east sub counties. The department is working out to vet and include more families so as to reach a targeted number of 1, 500,” she told KNA on Monday.


Maina noted that some of the families which received their funds in May, have already invested in various economic activities like poultry and goat farming.


“Households from Murang’a South got their money early and have already invested in various projects. Those from Murang’a east started to get their funds from last month,” she averred.

The director underscored the programme saying it will help the families to have a stable source of livelihood instead of depending on Inua Jamii cash transfer which is hardly enough.


“In the programme, mentors are deployed to help the families to invest in projects of their choice. Those who already have started the small enterprises are doing well,” Ms. Maina further observed.


“We are working in partnership with chiefs to ensure the families do not misuse the funds. Apart from the asset cash transfer there is also a stipend of Sh. 2, 000 on monthly basis to ensure the money given as capital is not directed to buy food,” she explained.


She divulged that the beneficiaries are also enlisted in village saving and loans association to help them to save part of their earnings.


“The families have also received training on how to save so as to help one acquire a property or buy household goods in future,” she stated.


Maina said despite the funds being given as grants, they are following up to ensure the money is not squandered.


“We don’t expect anyone to misuse the funds since they have received training and there are mentors to help them in investing and following up the progress. Those investing in livestock or poultry are linked with agricultural extension officers to monitor their animals,” stated the director.

The beneficiaries are drawn from the two sub counties which experience harsh climatic conditions.

By Bernard Munyao

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