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Murang’a residents decry increase in car break-ins

Residents  of  Murang’a town have decried the upsurge of car break-ins and stealing of valuable goods leaving them counting huge losses.

Unknown number of goons have been targeting parked cars in estates and taking away valuables from the vehicles especially during night hours.

For the last one month, 10 cases have been reported where some residents have lost parts of their vehicles to the gang which usually does its work at night.

One of  the affected residents, Eddie Macharia said on August 1, a gang of three descended on his lorry and took away a battery, car stereo radio, speedometer among other items amounting to more than Sh.100, 000.

Macharia said the vehicles were parked outside their residential building and the three were captured by CCTV.

He added that they reported the matter to the local police station and up to now nobody has been arrested in connection with the car burglary.

“The CCTV installed in our building was able to capture the burglary but we are yet to get feedback from police as they claim to be continuing with the investigations,” noted Macharia.

He called upon residential house owners to install CCTV in their building so as to help curb increased burglary.

Another resident, Juliet Wamuhu said her car was ransacked on Wednesday last week during day time.

The car, Wamuhu said, was parked near the area assistant county commissioner’s office at Kiharu.

She narrated that the rear window of her car was broken into and the goons made away with a spare wheel, and personal items which were left in the car.

Antony Wahome, a mechanic, alleged that there is a team which is doing a survey and gets into contact with the real thieves who come later after being informed areas where there is security lapse.

Wahome said mechanics should avoid buying spare parts without knowing the source of the items.

“Seems there are a wide network of the people who are perpetuating theft from parked vehicles. The stolen items are being taken to other areas where they are being sold. As mechanics we should not buy spare parts without knowing the source,” stated Wahome.

Speaking to KNA through phone on Tuesday, the Murang’a County Police Commander, Josphat Kinyua termed the crime as a resurgence as they had managed to eradicate the gang a year ago.

Kinyua observed that in 2018 to 2019, some individuals had indulged in stealing from parked cars even during day time.

Those behind the burglary were arrested and prosecuted but it seems another group has emerged and is targeting parked cars and conducting the theft at curfew hours,” observed Kinyua.

At  the time of going to press, the commander noted that no suspect has been arrested but the security officers are following up on crucial information that would lead to arrest of the squad.

By  Bernard Munyao

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