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Murang’a Women leaders Lock Horns Over Hooligans

Kandara MP Alice Wahome has accused Murang’a County Woman representative Sabina Chege among other leaders of paying goons to disrupt a development meeting in her constituency.

On Wednesday, Wahome claimed that a group of youth was paid and sent from Nairobi to go and disrupt a public event she had convened to disburse bursaries at the local CDF office.

She claimed that a section of politicians, led by Chege, had mobilized youth among them university students to disrupt her education function where Sh8.7 million was given out as bursaries to needy students.

Wahome, who in the past few weeks has been criticizing the government, alleged that the youth were transported from Nairobi but police intervened and arrested them before reaching the venue.

The Kandara MP vowed not to be intimidated by any leader adding that the issues she has been articulating are the ones the President addressed in his recent State of the Nation address.

She accused her detractors of propagating divisions in the name of supporting the President saying no one will slow down her commitment to serve the people who elected her.

“I will not be intimidated by anybody as I speak the truth which will liberate this country. I spoke about the non-performing economy and now President Kenyatta has given directives,” said the Kandara MP who chairs Inua Mama political faction.

In a rejoinder, Chege dismissed the claims terming them as political gimmicks the MP is trying to play to gain political mileage.

Chege who presented herself before Kandara Police station wondered why the local legislator failed to record a statement about allegations of goons having been hired.

“Let her record the statement and police can call me later. As of now she is just playing populist politics,” Chege said.

“ Am here in Kandara to ask the police to conduct investigations  to unmask who mobilized the youth to plot to cause mayhem in Kandara,” she said.

In the list of those plotting to sabotage her political career, Wahome had mentioned names that included a nominated MP, three MCAs, a former councilor, and several youth leaders.

Earlier, a group christened ‘foot soldiers for Kenyatta in Murang’a’, warned politicians against propagating lies designed to mislead the public.

Led by Kamau wa Kamau from Kangema, the group said it will not allow politicians opposing the President to hold meetings in the county.

“The youth are in support of development projects initiated by the government, after a section of leaders moved to engaging in idle criticisms,” said Kamau.


By Bernard Munyao

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