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Murang’a women undergo breast, cervical cancer screening

Over 200 Women from Gikono in Murang’a South benefited from free breast cancer screening in celebration of the breast cancer awareness month.

The women who had turned up in large numbers were also taught how to perform self-breast examinations and advised to do so at least once every menstrual cycle.

Speaking during a free medical camp to mark the cancer awareness month at Gikono dispensary, the county nursing officer, Salome Kimani, underscored the significance of regular screening saying management and treatment of cancers was more effective if they are detected early enough.

“We had targeted at least 200 women and we are pleased we already have more than that number,” Kimani said, adding that cancer screening is very important in the fight against the common types of cancer.

According to the nursing officer, it is important for the public, especially women to know what the causes of breast cancer are and what to look out for. “Breast cancer can affect both men and women although women are more at risk and the risk increases with advancement in age,” she said.

Women who start their periods too early or those whose menopause delays to about 55 years are also at higher risk because of hormonal imbalances.

Breast cancer is also common in younger women with a family history of breast cancer.

“Every woman of reproductive age should do a self-breast exam seven to 10 days after every monthly period and go to a hospital if they notice anything unusual,” Kimani said.

She cautioned the women to watch out for changes in the size of breasts, dimpling, lumps or abnormal discharge from the nipples. Women above 40 years of age were advised to get tested more frequently and get a mammography every two to three years.

The women were also educated on cervical cancer and free screening was also offered.

Other services offered during the free medical camp included administration of HPV vaccine to girls and Covid-19 vaccination.

By Purity Mugo

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