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Mutua promises to support widows

Busia Woman Representative Florence Mutua has promised to support widows within the County.

Speaking during the celebrations to mark this year International Women’s Day at Nambale Polytechnic grounds on Monday, Mutua said that widows suffer mistreatment within the society.

“There are some widows who are evicted from their matrimonial homes immediately after the burial of their husbands,” she said adding that such retrogressive cultural practices must be shunned.

She challenged all women to join groups in order to get empowerment from the National Government Affirmative Action Fund.

The Women Representative challenged women to contest for political positions adding that those who become runners up in various posts will be automatically nominated as per the Building Bridges Initiative’s draft.

“We are going to have very many women elected in Busia County Assembly come 2022,” she said adding that men should not humiliate women.

Mutua declared her interest for Busia gubernatorial post come 2022 General elections and urged women to support her.

Nambale Deputy County Commissioner Caroline Onchoka advised women to engage in legitimate trade and avoid being in conflict with the law.

“Those women engaging in the manufacture and sale of illicit brew, know that you are an enemy to the society and the government,” she said, challenging women to work hard.

She added that the National Government Administration Officers will protect all women from being mistreated by their spouses.

The Administrator at the same time urged women to support their own instead of despising one another.

by Salome Alwanda

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