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Mwingi Elders Finally Get their Pay 

Senior citizens in Mwingi have felt the impact of Old Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT) in a way that they can’t hide their happiness and appreciation to the government.

Scores of elderly citizen receiving the monthly payments could not hide their joy and praised the programme saying since it was started their lives have never been the same.

Ann Nzembi 89 years old waiting at KCB bank, Mwingi town waiting to receive her Sh4,000 payment for two months.

Ann Nzembi, 70 years from Nguni location in Mwingi central constituency, praised the government appreciating that she is able to cater for her basic needs without depending on other people.

“The government has sorted us out in a way that I don’t have to keep on begging for support from my children. I can now afford food and clothing on my own,” she said.

Lukas Mwangangi, 75 years from Waita location also in the same constituency, says that he can now afford a smile because the government has granted the elderly power to meet their basic needs.

“We are very happy to be recognized by the government, now we feel wanted in the society and in the whole country at large,” added Mwangangi.

Joseph Mavuli, 69 years from Mwingi town, echoed Nzembi and Mwangani saying that before the programme was started old persons were struggling to meet their basic needs including food and clothing, especially the poor and those abandoned by their family members forcing them to beg for food from well-wishers.


Lukas Mwangangin 76 years old as he waits for payment at KCB bank, Mwingi branch.


“I would like to thank the government for putting us into consideration, at least we can enjoy the benefits of having a government that cares for its elderly,” added Mavuli

According to Mwingi Central Sub County Social Development Officer Mr. Paul Maina, over 3,000 old persons are benefitting from OPCT programme, all enrolled from Mwingi Central Constituency.

While speaking to KNA at his office in Mwingi Town, Maina further disclosed that the beneficiaries are receiving their monthly payment on time.

“Whenever there is delayed payment it becomes difficult to explain to the old persons because they keep on coming to the office asking for money. Government has worked it out to ensure that old persons are able to receive payment on time,” the SDO Sub County boss said.

He however lamented over high number of elderly people who possess outdated Identity card and urged them apply for new ones to avoid inconveniences during payment.

The Old Persons Cash Transfer was started in 2007 by the government of Kenya to provide regular and predictable cash transfer to poor and vulnerable old persons of 65 years and above.

They receive Sh 2,000 per month which is paid after every two months through nominated payment service providers namely Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity Bank, Co-operative Bank and Post bank.

The Payment Service Providers have agents across the constituency thus reducing the distance travelled by the beneficiaries while accessing their stipend.

By Denson Mututo

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