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Rains Wreak Havoc in Homa Bay

Several families in Ndhiwa Sub County have been displaced by floods after Rivers Kuja and Oyombe broke their banks following heavy rains which are pounding the area.

South Kanyikela location Chief Moses Ongonga said scores of families from four villages have been displaced by rains which have pounded the area for the last three days.

River Kuja that burst its banks after heavy rains.

Yesterday, floods had affected families living in Ariri, Kopondo, Riat and Minyere village.

Homa Bay County Commissioner David Kipkemei said his office had received information about floods in the county.

“I am waiting for a comprehensive report before giving a detailed statement about the disaster,” Kipkemei said.

Some families had already moved from their homes into neighbouring villages which are located on higher grounds.

“Most of the affected people have relocated to their relatives’ homes to avoid more tragedies,” Chief Ongong’a said.

The administrator added that farmers in the area suffered huge economic losses after their crops which were ready for harvesting were swept away by floods.

He said the damages will cause hunger in the area considering that the crops were what most villagers depended on.

In the same area, transport between Amoyo centre and  Rait  was cut off after Oyombe bridge collapsed.

“Even bodaboda riders cannot access Ndhiwa Town because of the bad situation at River Oyombe. We call on government authorities to help solve this problem,” said George Otieno, a resident.

By Davis Langat and Laura Atieno 




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