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Mwingi snake bite victim recuperating at Mwingi Level-4 Hospital

A Kitui County Government driver was yesterday, attacked and bitten in mysterious circumstances by a snake while he was driving.

The driver, David Musyoka, is recuperating at Mwingi Level 4 Hospital, where he was rushed after the snake attack bizarre incident.

Speaking to KNA at his hospital bed, the driver said that he was driving the Kitui County Government vehicle towards Mwingi town from Mutitu area of Kitui East Constituency when a cobra snake was dropped on top of his car by an Eagle.

The snake immediately entered into the car through driver’s window and bite his left arm as he was driving the car.

“I immediately stopped the car while the snake was still hanging onto my arm and got out of the car,” said the driver. The panicking driver screams attracted attention of residents at nearby Kwa

Mbungu Market, which is located about three kilometres East of Mwingi town.

The residents rushed to the scene to rescue him.  Some of them attempted to kill the snake which the driver had already dropped it on the ground near the car, while others gave him first aid.

However, as the residents were busy attempting to kill the snake, out of nowhere the eagle emerged again and picked the snake and flew into the sky, leaving the residents more confused.

According to a medic at Mwingi Level IV Hospital and who sought anonymity, said the patient is recovering well and is set for discharge any time today.

By Denson Mututo  

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