Nairobians urged to embrace culture of brotherhood

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The  Nairobi Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilson  Njega  has called on residents of Nairobi County to build a culture of brotherhood, to safeguard against acts of terrorism and violent extremism in the county.

He  said  the  culture  of  collective  responsibility  where  each  individual becomes  his  brother’s  keeper will  make each  individual responsible on the community welfare, adding that the culture of individualism and materialism where  selfishness abounds makes people not to be responsible should be avoided.

Njega  said  threats  of  terrorism are still real and spread across all communities, a need that requires each individual  to  engage  in  security matters, as people involved in radicalisation, terrorism and violence are in their midst.

He  said, “The  radicalised youth are our children, we need to engage them in programmes and projects at all levels to  keep  them  occupied  and this will prevent them from falling prey to radicalisation and other social ills”.

“The  people  involved in acts of terrorism and radicalisation are the ones we live with, be internally vigilant  from every sector of the community,” stated Njega.

The  RC  was  speaking  on Thursday  at  the  Nairobi County Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE)  Consultative and Drafting meeting at a Nairobi hotel.

The  3-day meeting has brought together State and Non-State Actors to develop the Nairobi County Action Plan for Preventing  and Countering Violent Extremism in the County.

He said the plan should be owned by all Nairobians for it to make a difference in the neighborhoods.

Speaking  at  the event, the National Counter Terrorism Centre Director,  Martin  Kimani  said the Nairobi Action plan will  provide Nairobians with a place to turn to whenever they have an issue touching on security.

“If  the P/CVE plan is  implemented  it  is  going  to  set  a  new  standard  for measuring how a country relates to violent  extremism. We  want to make the Action plans in all the 47 counties a success,” he said.

Currently, Kenya  and  Kenyans  are  under a vicious assault by global and regional terrorist groups that has prompted the  security services to deploy means of detecting, deterring, disrupting and dismantling the threats.

Present  at  the meeting  was  the Nairobi County Commissioner, Flora  Mworoa  among others.

By  Bernadette  Khaduli

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