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Nakuru concludes Plans to put up Culverts

The residents of Lanet Umoja in Bahati Sub- County are set to benefit from an infrastructural development project involving the construction of culverts across the ward, which is scheduled to begin next financial year.

While assessing the ward today the Nakuru County engineer Michael Kamau said the initiative aims to enhance the area’s drainage system and facilitate smoother transportation for residents and commuters. Especially during the rainy season since the area is prone to floods.

He stated that the project will involve the installation of culverts measuring 24 meters in length and 600 millimetres in diameter, as well as culverts measuring 12 meters in length and 900 millimeters in diameter.

The engineer noted that the culverts will be strategically placed across key points in the ward which includes Nyonjoro, Milimani, Lanet Primary, Mwa, and Ndimu to help alleviate flooding and improve connectivity.

However, he regretted that despite the high amount of money used to improve infrastructures across the county, vandalism was still serious concern, and he urged the residents to be at the forefront of protecting public properties, since it’s funded by their taxes.

A private planner in the county Titus said a number of estates in the county were not planned and residents simply constructed houses before the initial infrastructures such as sewerage lines and culverts were installed, hence leading to flooding.

Apart from that, some estates sprung up in swampy areas and it requires massive investment on substructures and set-ups to improve such areas. The land planners who are supposed to be at the frontline of establishments of settlement areas, are hired to solve problems, which would have easily been avoided.

By Veronica Bosibori

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