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Nakuru embarks on beautification drive

Nakuru County has embarked on an exercise of beatification of all Health centers and hospital compounds by planting trees and fruits in their commitment towards promoting healthier communities and combating climate change.

The County Public Health Officer, George Gachomba, along with healthcare workers, have been actively planting fruit trees in hospitals throughout the week.

Speaking at the Menengai Crater Dispensary, the officer said each tree planted signifies the commitment to a greener, healthier future for the county.

He noted that the rainy season was a perfect time for all residents to take up the challenge of assisting the government to achieve its ambitious plan of planting 15 billion trees in the next ten years.

He urged the students who are on holiday to plant at least ten trees in their compounds and on the roadside, not only for their sake but for posterity, saying that by so doing, the current generation would be doing everything possible to improve the environment, enable the country to achieve food security, and preserve the rivers.

Gachomba said more than anybody else, Nakuru residents knew the struggles they underwent during the dry months that start from November to April annually, when the sun becomes extremely hot and the water scarcity that follows.

He observed that, unlike the past generation, the current children have grown up watching and seeing the realities of climate change, such as prolonged droughts, floods, pests, and drying rivers in their neighbourhoods.

By Veronica Bosibori

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