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Nandi Central Deputy County Commissioner, Obed Mose, has called upon Nandi residents to team up with security personnel, so as to curb the rising insecurity in the area.

This comes after an increase in cases of robbery and drug peddling at Kamobo Location, whereby several shops were broken into, leading to huge losses to the business fraternity.

Speaking during a Security meeting held at Kamobo location in Nandi Central, Mose asked the locals to give vital information to security agents, so as to help in fishing out suspicious characters from the hide outs.

“Let us all unite to fight these security issues by following the required procedure as well as sensitize locals through meetings on the importance of peaceful coexistence. Am not going to hesitate to back up on condition that you observe Covid-19 protocols,” Mose said.

Mose further asked the locals to work together by engaging the youth in meaningful activities to avoid idleness which can lead to youth participating in crime.

“We can only eradicate security issues through educating the youth and ensuring we put extra effort to ensure we minimize school dropout cases among our children. On the other hand, we can empower form four leavers as well as graduates financially, so that they can employ themselves through businesses. As per the President’s directive, Kazi Mtaani will resume soon and am happy that it will boost the youth financially,” he said.

He also urged police officers, area chiefs and parents to approach the youth in a friendly way and talk to them so as to discourage them from engaging into illegal businesses.

Nandi Central Deputy Police Commander, Dorris Chemoss, on her part called upon residents to give information concerning security to the relevant agencies, urging locals to be their own peace ambassadors.

“Our security team will make frequent visits to ensure that there is law and order in this area,” she said.

Nandi Central Sub County Criminal Investigation Officer, Kennedy Makana, said that investigations are ongoing to ensure the criminals face the full force of the law. He also urged residents to cooperate in giving information pertaining to security.

“For us to identify culprits threatening security in this area we require your support as residents.

Give us the names of suspicious people we monitor and arrest them while you also ensure you make a follow up on a case reported to us,” Makana said.

Nandi County National Chamber of Commerce Director, Peter Chalicha, urged police officers, locals and business men and women in the area to work hand in hand in sorting out security issues.

“Whenever business people lose their property, it is equally a threat to the County as well as the Country’s economy therefore, as stakeholders, you need to work as a team to ensure maximum security prevails,” pointed Chalicha.

By Kipruto Brian


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