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Nandi youths acquire free digital skills

About 1,378 youth in Nandi County have graduated with cloud computing skills that will connect them to potential employers and other digital work opportunities and earn a decent living

The 12-week free online tech skills training rolled under Ajira Digital, a program started in 2018 by what is now called the Ministry of ICT and the Digital Economy aims to establish millions of young Kenyans to tap into digital job opportunities.

The learners acquire a range of practical career skills in several technology areas including Linux, Python, networking, coding, security, and relational databases.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony at the Kapsabet showground, Nandi governor Stephen Sang said the digital literacy training helps the youth prepare for entry-level cloud roles and connect them to digital work platforms.

Sang stated that the training aimed to equip social media entrepreneurs and start-up users on how to create, manage and package content on social media platforms for income generating.

“Digital economy is the way for youth to address literacy level, monetize their skills in social media, improve their living standards, and create employment in the country,” he said

Some of the trainees during the graduation at Kapsabet showground

The second term governor encouraged the youth not to only use social media as an entertainment tool but utilize it to generate income and empower themselves economically.

“Use the skills acquired to venture into content creation and showcase your talent into monetized channels to make money. Let us exploit digital space to create jobs, generate income, and also become brand ambassadors,” said the governor

Sang said the ICT training offered in collaboration with the National Government is a game-changing opportunity for our youth to harness their digital potential and transform those acquired skills into real-life opportunities by leveraging the digital landscape at their disposal

He said his administration is collaborating with the National Government to establish ICT hubs in all the wards in the county adding that hubs play a key role in equipping young people with essential technology skills, enabling them to tap into the digital job market.

“The importance of these ICT hubs cannot be overstated, as they are instrumental in nurturing and advancing technological expertise among our youth, ultimately enhancing their livelihoods,” he said

Peter Korir, one of the graduates said the programme has opened up new opportunities for him to earn money online through enhanced social media usage.

“After acquiring Ajira training, I have learned how to use social media productively by transforming my online presence into a source of income. I will be able to market my content online, create more followers, and earn money,” he said.

 By Linet Wafula

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