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Siaya County empowers community health promoters

Siaya County has taken a step to acknowledge and incorporate Community Health Promoters (CHPs), formerly Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), into its County Health System.

In an event organized by Siaya Governor James Orengo and attended by Mama Ida Odinga, the Governor said that Siaya County is the first among Kenya’s counties to provide stipends to CHPs as high as Sh.3,000 recognizing their pivotal role in delivering Primary Health Care services to their communities.

“The county has made remarkable strides in enhancing healthcare access and improving the well-being of its residents. Siaya County, with its unique dedication to community health, has demonstrated that health is not just a privilege but a fundamental right for all its inhabitants,” said Orengo.

Orengo, the devolved unit has made considerable commitments to revitalize the county’s healthcare system and tailor it to meet the needs of Siaya residents. He credits these commitments to have laid the foundation for a comprehensive transformation of healthcare delivery in Siaya County. Among these commitments are.

Strengthening Community Health Services and Primary Healthcare: A fundamental commitment in line with his Nyalore (it is possible) manifesto has been to empower and bolster community health services and primary healthcare while recognizing the vital role played by CHPs, their recognition and integration into the County Health System has been a significant step towards this goal.

Siaya County which was previously plagued by drastic shortages of staff has addressed the severe human resource gap in healthcare by hiring 180 health workers, an investment which according to the governor will ensure that medical services are provided efficiently and effectively.

In addition, the county has taken a proactive approach to equip CHPs with essential tools and supplies in collaboration with the national government, with additional provisions by the county government, to address unique disease patterns and demographics effectively.

The Governor said that Siaya County has succeeded in decreasing the malaria burden from 33 percent to an impressive 19 percent signifying the county’s commitment to the overall well-being of its residents adding that there has been a notable increase in skilled birth deliveries, raising the percentage from 56 percent to a 96 percent significantly reducing maternal and child mortality rates in Siaya.

“The county has succeeded in raising immunization coverage to an impressive 99 percent, up from a previous rate of 67pr cent. This achievement demonstrates the county’s commitment to protecting children’s health through vaccination” Orengo said.

By Calvin Otieno

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