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Nanok hints at seeking another elective seat

Turkana governor Josphat Nanok Tuesday indicated that he would be seeking for another political seat as his second term at the county helm comes to an end.

Speaking during the Mashujaa day celebrations at Ekaales centre in Lodwar, Nanok said he will not retire from elective politics although he did not declare which seat he would be vying for.

“I want to leave the office of governor on a high note having done good for my people so that they can decide which other seat fits me. I will not retire; it is the public to decide. If they feel I have done well they will decide to give me another seat,” he said.

The governor said those calling on him to retire should also know that they are the ones facing retirement because they will also be seeking a fresh mandate from the voters who may decide to send them home by not electing them.

At the same time, Nanok said he will not hesitate to fire officers in his government who had ganged up with his opponents to frustrate his development agenda.

“Accountably among government officers and especially those I have employed is important. I will not spare any officer who works with my opponents. One of the MPs sacked his secretary because of working with his perceived opponents yet he is telling me not to fire my officers who are opposing my agenda,” he said.

Loima MP Jeremiah Lomurukai who has declared he will be vying for the gubernatorial seat in 2022 has accused the governor of intimidating civil servants.

With regards to the BBI, Nanok said he will convene a meeting of elected leaders who will read the document and decide on the way forward.

He said the leaders met and agreed on the first BBI report and they will do so again.“Do not force us to support a document which we have not read, we shall support it if it favours our people and we shall also oppose it if it does not serve our interests,” he said.

The governor refuted claims that he is not supporting the national government saying he is already working with the national government on many issues including Kenya Defence Forces, Ministry of water, Agriculture and other departments.

Nanok criticized the Petroleum and mining CS John Munyes for allegedly bypassing his officers during a recent tour by the water CS Sicily Kariuki.

He also told Lomurukai to allow divergent views on the constitution. The MP has accused the governor of failing to support the BBI.

He further accused Nanok of failing to purchase food for the needy families especially during the covid-19 pandemic. “Our people are facing starvation in levels never witnessed before devolution,” he said.

“I am sure president Kenyatta and Raila Odinga mean well for this nation and they cannot tell us to support a document that will harm Kenyans,” added Lomurukai.

By Peter Gitonga

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