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Narok  Parents  Cautioned

Parents  should  take care of their children during this season to ensure they remain disciplined and responsible, the  Narok  County Commissioner (CC), Samuel Kimiti has said.

Kimiti noted some parents take advantage of such holidays to force their children in outdated practices like Female Genital Mutilation and organizing for their marriage saying those who do such vices risked being arrested.

“Parents have a moral responsibility of taking care of their children when they are on holidays, they should act as role models and impact on their children positively,” he said.

He spoke on Monday after chairing a County Emergency Response Committee meeting in his office that was attended by officers from the county and national government where he warned parents against sending their children to the shops.

“It is a time for the parents to build the morality of their children as they spend quality time with them in the house. The children should not be sent to buy anything from the shops or be allowed to visit their neighbors,” said Kimiti.

The  CC challenged parents to take advantage of this season to learn their children character in a bid to help in shaping up their talents.

“Many  parents have no time for their children as they wake up early to go to their various work places. During this season when they are all remaining at home, they should be close to their children to learn them and mold their character,” he said.

At  the same time, Kimiti called on Narok residents to continue observing cleanliness by ensuring they constantly clean their hands and maintain the one metre distance.

“This strange disease called Coronavirus easily spreads between human beings. I request you to be on high alert by maintaining the basics to avoid its spread,” he said.

He confirmed that no case has been confirmed in the county yet though a woman who traveled from Sweden last week had been quarantined at Narok County Referral Hospital where she will remain for 14 days.

Meanwhile, tension is high at Nkararu area in Trans Mara West Sub County after a middle-aged man was killed in fresh skirmishes involving two Maasai clans last night.

Three  persons were also seriously injured during the conflict that involved the Siria and Uasin Gishu clans that live in the area.

The  Narok  CC  said three people were arrested following the fracas and are expected to help in carrying out investigations.

Kimiti said the conflict was fueled by the return of a cow that had been purchased from the Uasin Gishu clan by a Siria man. Those who saw the cow returning raised alarm claiming that their rivals had stolen the animal.

“It is obvious that any domestic animal will try locating its original home when taken to a strange place. So when this cow that had been bought from the Uasin Gishu returned home, people started screaming alleging that the other clan had stolen the cow from them,” explained Kimiti.

The CC  lamented that despite many peace meetings held in the area, there were few criminals who hide among the community members to take advantage by creating tension over minor issues.

He warned that their days were numbered, as the government will not relent in its role in guarding the area and restoring peace.

The on and off fracas experienced at the volatile land is said to be brought about by unresolved land disputes as the residents do not have clear boundaries of their land.

However, Commissioner Kimiti assured the residents that 1200 title deeds were almost ready for issue.

“From where I sit, I feel we are moving somewhere as the land ownership documents are almost ready. This will show the real ownership of the land and we do not expect any more conflicts,” said Kimiti.

A week ago, tens of persons were admitted at various hospitals in Narok and Kisii county after conflicts flared up in the area.

The  two warring Maasai clans of Uasin Gishu and Siria have had a long-standing dispute over land boundary that has run for over 40 years.

Vast land in Trans Mara area has rich soil in addition to rainfall where sugarcane, maize, beans and other cash crops grow well as well as Gold mining activity in some areas, which makes land an emotive issue.

By  Ann  Salaton

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