Narok Residents Warned Against Early Politics

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Narok Peace Committee Chairperson Joseph Ole Pareiyo has called on the residents to concentrate on issues that could build their livelihood instead of engaging in early politics.

He lamented that the Maasai community has for a long time been dragged into unproductive politics that do not bring any development benefits to the residents.

“I challenge our people to be active in their farms, businesses and anything that can give them an income instead of being dragged into early politics that will not benefit them in anything,” reiterated Ole Pareiyo.

His utterances come at a time when various groups from the Maa community have been hosted at the Deputy President William Ruto’s home in the last few days.

Pareiyo said it was very wrong to put the country in political mode two years to the elections yet there was no vacancy in the presidency.

“Such incidents that we are witnessing in the country now should be condemned because they place the country in a mood that brings tension and tribalism. I urge our Narok people not to be dragged into such unproductive politics,” said Ole Pareiyo.

He observed that most roads in the county were still impassable saying the residents should concentrate on how to develop the county not how they would get cheap monies.

“We should be thinking of how to engage the elected leaders to build more classrooms, make roads, connect water to the grassroots and build industries in our counties where our people can be employed. But following politicians who give cheap monies will not help our county in any way,” said the peace chairman.

The Maasai Council of Elders has also warned Narok residents to be careful and avoid politicians who give cheap monies in a bid to gain favour from wananchi.

Narok Maasai Council of Elders Chairman Kasaine Ole Esho instead urged the locals to be focused on doing things that would bring economic benefits on their land.

By Ann Salaton

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