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Natembeya outlines a six-point development agenda

The Trans Nzoia County Government has prioritized six main areas to focus on in the quest to transform the region.

In his second State of the County address at the County Assembly on Wednesday, Governor George Natembeya pointed out health, agriculture, water, waste management, climate change, and socio-economic development as key pillars the government would anchor the development agenda.

However, health received special focus as the Governor aims to ensure a healthy public to steer development forward.

Noting that close to 50 percent of the population live below the poverty line, Natembeya voiced the benefits of NateCare Initiative; a revolutionary program he said has helped more than 2500 households access health insurance where their medical needs are addressed.

He explained that the program gives special attention to people living with disabilities, where more than 400 people are currently given free access to medical care.

For effective and efficient healthcare service delivery, the Governor revealed that a task force has been instituted and it will among other things review the status of all healthcare systems.

“To ensure improved resource and personnel management through technology integration, the county government has introduced an Information and Health Management System,” he said.

Highlighting the need for safe water access, Natembeya said plans are in place to ensure water management and waste management solutions are unlocked.

“We plan to drill two boreholes in each of the 25 wards this financial year as we encourage partnerships for waste management with recycling initiatives being given a priority,” he said.

With the possibility of climate change impacting agricultural activities and overall production, the Governor said the County Government has enacted the Climate Change Act which will among other things help create awareness and source for partnerships, thus helping sustain high productivity.

The County has made deliberate attempts to ensure that more than 55 million trees are planted over the next five years.

By Isaiah Nayika

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