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Natembeya starts improving road networks

Transport and communication activities between Tulwet and Kaliwa villages, Waitaluk Ward in Kiminini Sub County received a boost after Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya commissioned construction of a bridge that connects the two places.

Addressing area residents, Natembeya reiterated his administration’s commitment towards implementation of relevant infrastructural projects in order to spur economic growth and development in the County.

“This bridge is among the significant transport and communication infrastructure projects and programmes that my administration will strive to implement,” stated Natembeya.

Underscoring the importance of footbridges, the Governor assured the locals of the devolved unit’s plan to install the same along designated waterways across the county.

He revealed that the county treasury had allocated Sh.4.2 million toward construction of the Wandabwa Bridge which upon its completion will serve about 2,000 residents living in the area.

“The bridge will be a big relief to residents of Tulwet and Kaliwa who have, for many years, had to risk their lives on temporary makeshift bridges while crossing Waitaluk River,” observed Natembeya.

Singling out school going children and patients seeking access to health facilities as the main beneficiaries, the Governor further noted that the bridge will significantly boost commercial activities between the two villages besides providing employment opportunities during its construction.

“My administration has embarked on a massive road network improvement programme whose main objective is to open up the interior parts of the county for sustained social and economic development,” disclosed Natembeya.

By Maurice Aluda

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