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National Gov’t Officers (NGAO) To Get More Resources

The government administration officers will be allocated more resources to ensure smooth delivery of services countrywide.

Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Karanja Kibicho said the government has emphasized on NGAO as they are the representative of government in the lower levels.

Speaking in Kagio, Ndia constituency after officially opening eight NGAO offices within the constituency, the PS said the ministry is reviewing the scheme of service of the officers.

Dr. Kibicho was addressing all National Government Administration Officers from Kirinyaga County led by the County Commissioner.

The PS said that all Deputy County Commissioners (DCCs) will get vehicles while the Assistant County Commissioners (ACCs) will either have an official car or standby car to facilitate movements within their areas of jurisdiction.

“In this country no deputy county commissioner will not have a car, the assistant county commissioners will also not be begging for a lift, they will get an official car or a standby car will be made available,” Kibicho said.

To boost morale among the junior officers, Kibicho said in case of any vacant chief position, the assistant chief will be given priority adding that during recent recruitment of Assistant County Commissioners, 150 positions were set aside for sitting chiefs and assistant chiefs who met qualifications.

“In the scheme of service the chief will not be in that position forever, where there is a vacancy in office of chief the first person to get that opportunity is assistant chief.When we recently recruited 869 ACCs, 150 slots were given to serving Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs so that there is upward scaling in their jobs,” he maintained.

Kibicho said plans to equip chiefs and assistant chiefs with paramilitary training was also on progress adding the exercise was delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak. “We had initiated a program to train NGAO on paramilitary skills, it stalled because of covid-19 but it is in the process,” Kibicho assured.

He added that all NGAO officers are currently AIE holders and no charges are required for services. “For smooth service delivery all officers are currently AIE holders and no charges are required from the citizens for service. Remember AIE is for office maintenance and facilitation. If you use it for other purposes let me not be one writing your dismissal letter,” he warned.

In next year’s general election, the PS said it will be a test for the security docket. He noted that the peace in the country next year will rely on the his docket and directed the county commissioners to ensure that in this campaign season there is no violence, incitement or hate speech.

 By Mutai Kipngetich


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