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National school ballgame kicks off in Machakos

The Kenya National Primary Schools ballgame championship has kicked-off in Machakos.

Speaking during the event at Machakos Teachers Training College, the Director of Primary Education, Mrs. Nereah Orick, said that the six day event was a great opportunity for the pupils to showcase their talents following the two-year pause brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“May I thank God for yet another chance to meet after a long break due to Covid-19 pandemic, this is yet another moment for our primary pupils to showcase their talents, identify and nurture them to be great sportsmen and women,” said Orick.

Orick applauded the government for their education sector support in recognizing co-curriculum activities which brings pupils from all the eight regions in the country promoting National cohesion and integration.

“I take this opportunity to thank the government through the Ministry of Education for the support it gives to the education sector. It has recognized co-curriculum as an integrated part of school curriculum both 8.4.4 and CBC,” said Orick.

She further encouraged people to engage in sports activities since they make our bodies physically fit by improving heart function, reducing the risks of diabetes, controlling blood sugar, lowering tension and stress levels.

Machakos Deputy Governor, Francis Mwangangi, who was in attendance added that the County Government of Machakos, the National Government and all stakeholders within the education sector are going to work together to improve not only education but also the sporting activities since it’s a source of employment, which boosts our economy.

“It’s good to know that sports has raised the living standards of many people, it is a very well paying sector, people should take sports seriously, one might be the top player in Africa or the world and will benefit a lot from that, it will also be a benefit to the country at large,” said Mwangangi.

The Deputy Governor asked the technical officials to be fair as they execute their judgment to the satisfaction of everyone and also to produce quality championships.

“I urge all coaches, team managers and committee members to manage the events and participants with honesty, integrity, fairness, justice and professionalism, so that we can have quality championships,” said Mwangangi.

In 2020, the Kenya Primary Schools Sports Association participated in East African games in Arusha and won in soccer girls, volleyball boys and volleyball girls.

By Caroline Mutheu

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