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Nationwide bodaboda registration kicks-off

The Government has today launched the registration of boda boda operators and the issuance of Smart Driving Licences to qualified riders in all the 52 Huduma Centres across the country.

The registration and the issuance of Smart Driving Licence to qualified riders was aimed at streamlining the boda boda sub sector and to promote road safety and security for the operators and users of their service.

Speaking during the launch at City Square Huduma Centre in Nairobi, the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Starehe Sub County Mr. Jacob Ouma said that the exercise will be conducted within 60 working days starting from 28th March to 24th June, 2022 in all counties across the country.

Mr. Ouma said that a registered boda boda rider will be issued with a Smart Driving Licence within the period upon the processing of registration information.

The DCC stated that upon registration they must have a specific number or tag which can be used to identify the rider.

He said that the National Transport and Safety Authority is also working in line with the boda boda sector to ensure safety in the road.

He further highlighted that National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) will provide 12 months health cover to the first 200,000 licensed boda boda riders to register.

To register, a rider must present himself/herself in person and have original national identity card, a copy of the KRA pin and an active registered phone number.

“A notification will be sent to the registered mobile number upon processing of the registration information,” said the DCC.

As the launch was happening in Nairobi, counties were launching the exercise at the county level.

In Kitale, the County Commissioner (CC) Mr. Samson Ojwang asked boda boda operators in Trans Nzoia County to embrace the countywide registration exercise aimed at streamlining the sector.

He was speaking at Huduma Centre, Kitale, where he officially launched the exercise

Ojwang emphasized the main objective of the national exercise was to restructure operations of the sector to enable it contribute positively towards the country’s economic growth and development agenda as well as enhance national security.

“The government fully recognizes the significant role played by boda boda riders toward the country’s economic growth and development. Thus, the need to streamline its operations for even better results,” stated Ojwang.

The CC remarked even though the sector had immense economical potential, some individuals whom he described as selfish were tarnishing its brand name noting this is what the government wanted to correct.

Meanwhile in Kakamega, boda boda operators have been cautioned against being used by politicians to cause mayhem as the country enters an electioneering period.

Kakamega County Commissioner John Ondengo, while speaking during the launch of the boda boda registration exercise cautioned that the government will not hesitate to take action against such politicians and as well blacklist and cancel licenses of any rider involved in causing mayhem during political rallies.

He noted the government is keen to ensure the sector is well regulated, and this will easily be done following the countrywide registration as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Meanwhile in Narok, over 5, 000 boda boda operators in Narok County are expected to be registered and issued with free smart driving licenses.

Speaking during the launch of the exercise, Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde asked all the riders in the county to volunteer to be registered in the next 60 days, failure to which they will not be allowed to operate on the roads.

“The exercise aims at bringing reforms in the boda boda sector that is poorly regulated. We are looking at a time when people will take pleasure in boarding a boda boda rather than a taxi like in the country of Rwanda,” said Masinde.

After the 60 days, the county commissioner said he will hold a meeting with all the riders at the Ntimama stadium where those who have not registered will be asked to step out of the business.

By KNA team

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