Needy students benefits from Sh.1.2 million sponsorship

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The  Kirinyaga Woman Representative, Wangui Ngirichi has told Opposition Leader Raila Odinga to forget the presidency come the 2022 general election and asked  Odinga to quit politics after many failed attempts to capture power.

Ngirichi  vowed that the Mt. Kenya region would never allow him to ascend to power and will only vote for a younger person from the lake region.

“Raila should accept that his brand of politics has been overtaken by events and agree to hand over the leadership baton to the youthful generation and also agree to play the role of an elder,” she said.

Speaking at Sifa Gardens, in Kutus town on  Monday  after disbursing Sh.1.2 million worth of bursary cheques to 325 needy students, Ngirichi said the likes of Odinga should be told in no uncertain terms that their time in active politics was over.

She  said the benefiting students, include orphans and the vulnerable children who must put effort and score good grades to enable them become reliable leaders in future.

Ngirichi said though she gets the least allocation of only Sh.4 million per financial year compared to constituency leaders, she has been able to distribute the money to all the twenty wards of the entire county and addressed the most needy cases.

The  Kirinyaga Woman Representative  moved the crowd after she introduced a mother to one of the beneficiaries, Purity Nyaguthii  who she said was contemplating suicide after she was unable to raise school fees for her daughter who has since been admitted at Siakago Girls’ High School.

“It is one of her neighbors who reported the incident to us and we quickly made arrangements to visit the family, assuring them that school fees for the daughter will be paid; today she is alive and happy, thanks to the government that has provided this money through the National Government Affirmative fund (NGAAF),” she said

“I would not be there; I would have taken poison which I had already bought, thanks to Ngirichi  who came to my rescue just in time,” Nyaguthii told the crowd.

Ngirichi  advised the youth to use the internet to enrich their knowledge instead of immoral things.

Ngirichi  also defended her colleague, Alice  Wahome for telling Uhuru Kenyatta to prepare to retire honorably after his term ends in 2022.

“Am disappointed by those who are hurling insults to my sister Alice after she merely expressed her democratic right over the state of affairs facing our country and i wonder how calling a spade, a spade is tantamount to being disrespectful to the Head of State,” she fumed .

She  reminded those faulting Wahome that the kind of argument they are advancing died long ago after the Kanu regime was dislodged from power.

Ngirichi  further faulted those who were insulting the legislator alongside her husband who stands disadvantaged since he has no political platform to answer them.

“Let them be advised that it is immoral to hurl insults to a spouse of a politician since this was meant to hurt the family,” she warned.

The  MP maintained the political landscape had changed in favour of the majority who were no longer gullible to manipulation by a few individuals who sit in a boardroom to decide the destiny of the nation.

She  further cautioned that should the Kikuyu community fail to back William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid, they will be regarded as dishonest by other communities since this was a promise made in 2013 when Kenyatta combined forces with the URP to win the presidency.

“Imagine how our children will take us if we abandoned Ruto at his hour of need even after publicly promising him of our unconditional support come the 2022 general elections,” she paused.

The legislator assured Ruto that the entire Mt. Kenya region would solidly stand with him to the end come the elections.

By  Irungu  Mwangi

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