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NEMA, Neto support the completion of stalled health project

The National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) has partnered with former Ndhiwa legislator Agostino Neto to complete a stalled health project in North Kabuoch ward in Homa Bay County.

Mr. Neto and the environmental agency partnered to complete the construction of the Karading dispensary to serve local residents.

Mr. Neto gave a donation of Sh. 500,000 to the project management committee on Thursday to complete construction of the building, which stalled midway after its commencement in 2015.
 “Ensure the project is completed so that residents can access health care,” he said about the project where Nema has completed drilling and equipping a bore hole to supply water to the health facility.

 The environmental body also established a centre for training on environmental conservation.
 Project Management Committee Chairperson Agnes Odhiambo said the health facility is more than 80 per cent complete.

 The residents have been travelling long distances in search of health services in neighbouring wards.

Mr. Neto initiated the construction of the project several years ago while serving as the area Member of Parliament.
 He said he was hoping it would have been complete by now and put to use after it was taken over by the county government of Homa Bay at the advent of devolution.

 “The project was initiated by Agostino Neto, and we are grateful that, through his support, it will now be completed soon,” she said, adding that the health facility will reduce the distance residents have been covering in search of health services.

 Ms. Odhiambo said the nearest health facility for people within the location is the Magina Health Centre, which is far away.

“It costs Sh.150 on a motorbike to travel to the health centre. Most people would rather seek herbs when sick than spend the amount on travel to seek health care,” she said.
 She added that the establishment of the health facility will reduce the pressure that other health facilities have had while attending to patients from other locations.

The official said some women failed to take their children for immunisation services due to the long distance covered in accessing health centres, adding that more than 2000 people will benefit from the project.

“Some children miss immunisation because their parents cannot afford to go to the hospital,” Ms. Odhiambo said.

According to Ms. Odhiambo, political differences between leaders affected the implementation of the project. “Some of the elected leaders could not agree on how the project was supposed to be implemented. The work of the committee was just to see the progress of the project while leaders financed its construction,” she said.

Project Committee Secretary Moses Abungu said the health centre should open its doors and start offering services by January next year.

 Homa Bay County Nema Director Josiah Nyandoro said the project is among others that the environment watchdog has undertaken in Ndhiwa.

By Davis Langat

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