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New health facility to serve over 5,000 people in Kyambeke

The Makueni County Deputy Governor (DG) Lucy Mulili yesterday commissioned a 23- bed capacity twin wards at Kyambeke Health Centre in Ilima Ward, Kilungu Sub-county.

The building was donated by The Church of Christ of Later Day Saints to the County government of Makueni and it will serve over 5,000 residents of Kyambeke and its environs.

Ms Mulili said the health facility will assuage the suffering the residents have been going through as they seek medication from neighbouring sub counties.

“The facility will put an end to the long distance residents used to travel to seek for medical services from neighbouring Sub-counties,” said Mulili while addressing the residents at the facility.

At the same time, she thanked the philanthropic church for funding the construction of the male and female ward besides equipping the facility with beds, an oxygen concentrator, medical refrigerators, wheelchairs and furniture among other items.

In another development, the DG said that the county government had partnered with the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KMSA) to ensure a steady supply of medicine to all health facilities in the county.

She assured residents that the county government was committed to deliver affordable and quality healthcare services to them.

While lauding the good work being done by community health volunteers (CHV), she disclosed that the devolved unit will factor in the budget a stipend to cushion them as they offer services.

On his part, the Acting Chief Officer(CO) for Health Dr. Kiio Ndolo lamented that the HIV infections from mother to child was increasing at the rate of 10 per cent, slightly higher than the national’s 9 per cent.

Dr. Ndolo said there were 473 new HIV infections last year adding currently the county has 24,170 people living with HIV virus.

“I call upon every person in Makueni to come out and get tested for HIV virus so as to know your status and begin treatment hence curb the spread of the disease in the county,” urged Dr. Mdolo.

By Patrick Nyakundi

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