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New sub-county in Kajiado to ease access to government services

Residents of Ng’atataek, Maili Tisa, Torosei, and Namanga towns in Kajiado County will no longer have to travel many kilometers in search of government services.

This is after the government declared the operationalization of Oloililai, a new sub-county, that will ensure ease in accessing government services and improved security.

Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho

County Commissioner (CC) Joshua Nkanatha said the creation of the new sub-county will save time, money and energy spent by residents who had to travel many kilometres to Kajiado town.

“Government services will now be easily accessible by residents of Ng’atataek, Maili Tisa, Torosei, and Namanga towns who previously had to travel all the way to Kajiado town to access them. The new sub-county will also ensure improved security in the area as a new police post will be set up here,” he said.

The CC said new chiefs and their assistants will be recruited in all gazetted locations of the sub county and various government departments will open up offices at the sub-county to ensure smooth delivery of services. Furthermore, a police station will be opened up and this will help boost security and enhance development, he added.

Nkanatha directed the new Oloililai DCC Justin Maina to step up the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriages which are common in the area, and further concerned that cases of teenage pregnancies were also on the increase, saying all culprits should be arrested.

Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho welcomed the creation of the new-sub county and reiterated that security would now be enhanced and locals would access easily, identification cards, birth certificates, title deeds among others at government offices near them.

The Deputy Governor revealed that a sub-county ward administrator would be deployed to the area to ensure locals receive county government services.

The creation of Oloililai adds the total number of sub-counties in Kajiado to seven. The others are: Kajiado East, Kajiado West, Kajiado North, Kajiado South, Kajiado Central and Mashuuru.

By Rop Janet

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