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NFDK warns Parents, guardians against hiding PWDS

The National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK) is giving the Western Kenya donation of equipment worth over Sh7.5 million this year to support Persons With Disabilities (PWD).

NPDK Board of Trustee member Prof. Julia Ojiambo, while speaking outside the regional commissioner’s office in Kakamega town during the distribution of donations to the disabled, said ten institutions taking care of PWDs have been allocated Sh 2 million, with each receiving Sh 200,000.

She added that another 45 individuals received donations worth Sh1.5 million.

Prof. Ojiambo raised concern that a number of caregivers were still hiding persons living with disabilities, for fear of stigmatisation, saying such actions were denying PWDs the opportunities to engage in income-generating activities.

“Even in a scenario where persons have severe disabilities, we empower the caregivers who then use the equipment as an income-generating activity to support the beneficiary,” she said.

She said the Constitution guarantees the principle of inclusivity, noting that it was unfair to block a group of people in society from enjoying their fundamental rights.

Prof. Ojiambo, who is also the chair of programmes at the Fund, was accompanied by other Board of Trustees members, including Major Marsden Madoka and former Kitui Senator David Musila.

She noted that the fund that was established on October 10, 1980, has been around for 43 years since its inception and has, over the years, continuously helped empower many PWDs.

“The individual donations are given according to individual requests and range from rehabilitative equipment to mobility aids and tools of trade,” she added.

Musila and Madoka urged the recipients to utilise the equipment given to them to improve their social wellbeing and not sell them.

Musila said disability should not be construed to mean inability and urged caregivers to support the government in its efforts to uplift the welfare of those at the bottom of the pyramid.

By George Kaiga

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