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NG-CDF bursaries to be released before end of next week, MP Nyoro

Chairperson of the Budget and Appropriations Committee in Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro, has said monies meant for bursaries under the NG-CDF kitty will be released before students report for their first term.

Nyoro noted on Thursday that the government is working round the clock to ensure learners who depend on NG-CDF bursaries will not fail to report back to school for term one studies.

He said priority will be given to the portion of the NG-CDF that caters for bursaries, saying other funds will be released later.

“We are aware schools are reopening next week and learners and their parents are worried about their bursaries, and I want to assure them that from the taxes being collected, money for the bursaries will be released before the end of next week,” Nyoro said.

Nyoro spoke when he hosted 15 legislators at Nyakihai Primary School who visited Kiharu Constituency to benchmark various projects and programmes implemented by the local NG-CDF.

He underscored the support NG-CDF is providing in the education sector, saying many vulnerable families depend on the bursaries to educate their children.

“Learners from poor backgrounds have pursued their studies due to the support they get through CDF bursaries, and the government understands this. That’s why we are committed to ensuring the funds are released on time.

“On Tuesday, the government released Sh31.34 billion as capitation to support basic education to ensure there will be no financial challenges when the schools reopen.” Nyoro added.

On the benchmarking visit, Nyoro lauded his counterparts, saying the move will spur development across the country through the NG-CDF.

Some of the projects the legislators benchmarked include the ‘Masomo Bora’ programme, the use of a labour-based model in implementing projects, and the renovation of public schools.

The Kiharu Ng-CDF has adopted a labour-based model in carrying out various projects, which has seen all the local public primary schools renovated.

In the renovation, the classrooms were tiled, painted, and re-roofed, with some school compounds getting a facelift through the installation of cabros and landscaping.

Nyoro praised the labour-based model where the NG-CDF provides funds to schools and locals take up the role of providing labour, explaining that the method has curtailed many expenses, thus enabling the implementation of many projects.

“In Kiharu, we have been able to put tiles in classrooms in all 117 primary schools, plaster and paint the schools, as well as renovate dilapidated roofs.

“Currently, we have started a programme of landscaping of school compounds, from which seven schools have benefited. We hope other constituencies will adopt this model of doing work, which is more economical,” he added.

One of the visiting MPs, Alice Ng’ang’a (Thika), said the ‘Masomo Bora’ programme, where the NG-CDF provides food to day-secondary schools, enabling parents to pay only Sh1, 000 per term, is commendable.

She promised to implement a similar programme in her constituency, observing that the less fortunate families, especially those from informal settlements, have been unable to pay fees for their children in this way.

By Bernard Munyao and Purity Mugo

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