NITA, OSHO partner to promote industrial training skills

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National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) has partnered with Osho Chemical Industries Limited Company to train 56 machine operators to ensure adequate supply of skilled manpower to increase productivity.

Speaking at Industrial area during the launch of Indentured Learnership Programme for Osho’s Machine Operators who would be trained in-plant, Principal Secretary (PS), Ministry of East African Community (EAC) and Regional Development, Dr Kevit Desai, said the training would promote science and technology thus increasing agricultural produce.

“This training is going to benefit not only Kenya but East Africa Community at large, by enhancing value addition processes and also promote high level of self-reliance, inclusive development and promote a greater level of resilience for Agri-business,” said Desai.

He said EAC in industrialization capacities only contributes 10 percent to industrialization and therefore the very nature of Osho is to enhance input towards EAC with a view to raising productivity, efficiency in agricultural produce.

Within the context of the industry itself, the PS said in order to achieve development, EAC has put in place structures which focus on diversification of industrialization, promotion of values and economies that are interdependent, promoting produce in one country or several countries and ensuring that it adds value in each process.

Desai further noted that the EAC Industrialization Policy provides support to manufacturing in the region through promoting strategic dialogue between the public and private sector, strengthening industry linkages between large and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) among others.

He praised the NITA-Osho partnership saying that it shall strengthen industrial training in Kenya and as a result, grow domestic industries.

The Director General NITA Mr Stephen Ogenga said continuous on-the-job training has benefited many of the employers in the formal sector through enhanced competencies of the employees, reduced wastage and increased national profits through increased supply of properly trained human resources at all levels in industry.

He said the launch of the Indentured Learnership Programme for the machine operators represents a pattern shift in promoting skills in industrial training and the efficient coordination of related programmes around industrial training.

“Through this partnership, I am confident that avenues will be created to match demand and supply which is crucial for an effective skills development system and depends on close coordination between various government and national players,” said Ogenga.

The Director General added that he is confident that the review of the Indentured Learnership Scheme would be key to making a viable contribution to the economic, social and political pillars of Kenya’s Vision 2030 blueprint, which are anchored on economic stability, wealth creation opportunities, infrastructure, technology, human resource development and security.

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) Nairobi Chapter Chair, Mary Gesare, urged the machine operators to be careful during the training.

“Don’t be negligent because the machines you are going to use could harm you if not properly handled,” she warned.

She said the partnership was a great step for it shall boost the economy in terms of production.

The training of the 56 machine operators shall take four months and upon completion, the operators shall be certified.

By Catherine Muindi


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