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Nkarretta Residents Demonstrate Demanding Construction of Road

Part  of  Nkarretta-Narok Road that has been rendered impassable by the heavy downpour  on  Wednesday February 12, 2020. Photo by KNA.

Residents of Nkarretta area in Narok North Sub County on Wednesday held demonstrations to push the county government to construct the road that connects them to Narok town.

They blamed the county government for ignoring them, saying they are forced to trespass in other people’s parcel of land as the main road was rendered impassable by the heavy rains.

Mzee Julius Ole Kiio said county lorries transporting hardcore in the area made the situation worse as they got stuck on the road causing deep holes rendering the road completely impassable.

“Development in this area has been stalled because of this impassable road. We request the county government to prioritise this road as the area is rich in wheat, maize, beans and milk production,” he said.

Mzee Francis Koipa, whose shamba is used for the diversion blamed the local leaders for making empty promises during campaigns only to lure innocent residents to elect them in office.

“The local leaders are now nowhere to be seen. During the campaign season, they would often flock this area giving us empty promises. We plead with our Member of County Assembly, Moses Kiok  and Governor  Samuel  Tunai to visit us and see how we are suffering,” they said.

Ms. Namatunda Koiwan lamented that many sick persons and pregnant mothers were unable to access the health facilities as no vehicle can ply the area.

“It is too painful to imagine how our own government that we helped come in power has ignored us. No one has ever bothered to come here and see how we are suffering. Pregnant mothers are forced to deliver at home because the vehicles cannot access the road,” said Ms. Koiwan.

Charles Saningo a prominent driver along the highway said his business has been making losses as he drives longer distances than usual.

“We drivers are the most affected as we are forced to drive longer distances to avoid the impassable part. This has forced us to double the bus fare from Sh. 100 to Sh. 200, which many cannot afford.

The county government of Narok allocated Sh.300 Million for improving roads in the county in its 2019/2020 financial year budget.

By  Ann  Salaton

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