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Non-compliant film operators will be arrested

Any  person involved in the making, exhibiting and distributing unrated films will be arrested and charged in accordance with the law.

Speaking  during  a  press  briefing in Mombasa on Thursday, Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Ezekiel Mutua said exposure of children to pornography and obscenity is on the increase especially on the internet and measures must be put in place to stop this trend.

Mutua added that the board is currently investigating some unscrupulous film operators and those operating unlicensed video dens who continued to engage in unlawful business by exposing children to adult content.

He put on notice such operators saying if caught, they would be arrested and their licenses revoked.

The CEO cited the recent video that has gone viral on social media platform of a child using foul language as a depiction of the depth of the detrimental effects of consumption of unrated content of young children who are easily impressionable.

“KFCB  notes with great concern the influx of unrated and inappropriate content circulating on diverse media plat forms including social media thus prematurely exposing our children to adult content,” said Mutua.

Mutua  said some unscrupulous film makers have resorted to filming without obtaining filming licenses from the KFCB with some film exhibitors violating the Films and Stage and Plays Act, Cap 222 particularly in regard to the watershed period by airing content that is unsuitable for all family viewing and listening.

The board announced that there is a systematic, deliberate and coordinated effort to destroy the morals of children through unrated and inappropriate content through children TV programmes, cartoons and music that promotes violence, drugs and obscenity.

Mutua  observed that many cartoon programmes previously considered as safe for children were no longer safe and urged parents and guardians to monitor what their children watched.

The  board  has received numerous complaints on some horrifying, dirty and unpalatable content in channels appearing to be aired without consideration for age suitability.

The   CEO said foreign content distributors who put the wrong rating on their programmes will not be allowed to distribute their products to the Kenyan market.

Some text books, play stations and computer games are a perfect example of how adult content and foreign ideologies are indirectly being inculcated into children thus corrupting their morals and sense of judgment.

Mutua  said KFCB would continue cooperating with other government agencies such as the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure compliance with Act 222 laws of Kenya by all film operators.

By Joseph Kamolo/Sharon Kiriinya

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