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NORTH RIFT-KEBS Manager calls for Fire safety drills

It is critical that every adult person is acquainted to the basic firefighting techniques in order to safe situation in case of emergencies.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)-North Rift Region, Chief Marshal, Seka Richard, stressed that it is vital that everyone in a building knows and understands the evacuation plan, so that in the event of a real emergency, they will be in a better position to act appropriately.

The Chief Marshal was speaking during a fire drill held today at KEBS building in Eldoret.

During the exercise KEBS staff undertook fire awareness training to prepare them for an emergency and ensure they have all the information they need to respond appropriately to a fire drill or real situation.

“You should be in a position to know which staircase to take, where the fire exits are located, where the assembly point is and most importantly to control emotions and to avoid panic,” Seka emphasised.

Seka said it is advisable to hold practice drills often to keep employees prepared.

He says the drill involves inviting experts from outside the institutions such as the personnel from the local County Fire Department and Security agencies.

“After each drill, gather management and employees to evaluate the effectiveness of the drill. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your plan and work to improve it,” he advised.

Seka said KEBS, Eldoret branch has not done a drill for the past two years due to Covid-19, though, it is required in the law that the exercise is done after every twelve months.

“This is a requirement by the British Standards Institution Audit and that is why we are doing this drill across all regions,” he added.

Mr Seka said, further sensitization, training and awareness need to be created across all regions to ensure that everyone knows how to exit safely as quickly as possible if a fire, smoke, or other emergency occurs and to familiarize with building, occupants and sound of the fire alarm.

KEBS Manger, Mr Peter Ndisi, commended the exercise, saying it enriches the staff to be proactive to fire safety and other emergencies.

By Judy Too

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